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BEYOND THE WEEKEND: Free Tickets - The Picturebooks - The Shelter Detroit - September 12th

With school about to kick in and only a hint if summer left in the tank we plan to exploit our holiday weekend starting tonight but not without thinking ahead to an upcoming show down the dusty road
Check out a new band called The Picturebooks,
who play a show on Sept. 12 over @ Shelter Detroit
 The blues-rock duo are coming over for Riot Fest on a mini-tour which includes this Detroit showing. The pair, Fynn & Philipp, are already well known custom motorcycle builders and featured regularly in underground chopper mags like Dice and Kustom.
Noisey recently debuted the band’s video for Your Kisses Burn Like Fire and said it makes you want to buy a motorcycle and disappear into the desert.
email for your chance to win a pair