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NEXT MONTH: FUnky Ferndale Art Fair is back September 12-14 2014

The Funky Ferndale Art Fair returns September 12-14.   It's not surprising that Ferndale Michigan is home to a Funky art fair, since that's one of the many adjectives used to describe this progressive and vibrant city.

"Ferndale is a creative and energetic town, open to many lifestyles and concepts.  It only makes sense that the art fair reflect some of those values", states event coordinator, Mark Loeb.  The show calls itself "twice as funky as the average fine art show."  This is reflected in the artwork selected.

For example, Scott Pakulski, the designer of this years cover image works with Lego "mini figs" and blocks to reexamine common scenes.  For this event he built a city art fair.  Pukalski has only been showing his photos at shows for three years and is already getting attention at major events.

The Funky Ferndale Art Fair includes about 120 artists in most every medium.  The selection process is similar to other major art events, but the criteria is a bit different. "We encourage our jurors to select work that makes a statement.  Art that invites conversation rather than staying in the background," adds Loeb.

The event is held along Nine Mile Road just to the west of Woodward.  Friday, September 12 it is open from 3pm until 8pm. Saturday 10am until 8pm and Sunday Noon until 5pm.

A few major focuses for this year's event:

Kobie Solomon, a well known local muralist (he created the five story Chimera on the side of the Russell Industrial Complex along I-75). Solomon will be curating a section of mural and street artists to showcase their talent and techniques.  It's a rare chance to converse with these area artists and learn about their work and message.

This year the Detroit Institute of Arts and Arts and Scraps are putting together some interactive art projects.  The projects are open to all ages and reflect on the theme of funky art.

About one quarter of the artists work in jewelry and fiber creating wearable art.  Loeb explains that as more people are looking for ways to stand out as individuals they are looking for clothing and adornment that reflects their values and shows off who they are.

The DIY Street Fair once again joins the art fair by synchronizing dates.  Held on the other side of Woodward, the Street Fair loosens up the traditional definitions of art even further as it explores the creativity inside of each of us.  While the "funky" focuses on visual arts, DIY also includes music and performance.

Information about the Funky Ferndale Art Fair is available at  The DIY Street Fair is at