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NEXT MONTH: Geek Fan Expo, 5-6-7 Sept in Dearborn

September 5th, 6th and 7th, 2014

Anime • Books • Comics • Cosplay • Fantasy • Horror • Scifi • Tabletop Gaming • Video Gaming

What is Geek Fan Expo?
Geek Fan Expo is an all-inclusive Geek-Fandom Experience. We include programming from all walks of Geekdom, and have designed the experience around you. Together with you, we are building the next generation of convention by bringing geeks of every type together to share a truly social geek fan experience.

Our interactive forum focuses on quality entertainment and production to bring you a both modern and nostalgic fan experience. Featuring destination events, topical discussion panels, workshops, vendor and artist exhibitions, contests and more!

This looks like a con for every flavor of geek — check out the whole schedule here!