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This Friday Inner State Presents Ales “Bask” Hostomsky's "Location Location Location" August 22nd from 7-10pm


             Czech-Born Artist Bask Returns To Detroit For Solo Exhibition
"Location, Location, Location" Features An Entirely New Body Of Work & Massive Installation

Opening Friday August 22nd at 7pm, Inner State Gallery welcomes Czech-born artistAles "Bask" Hostomsky as he returns to Detroit for his first solo exhibition in over 2 years. An entirely new body of work "Location, Location, Location" showcases Bask's blend of graffiti, punk and DIY styles into his latest exploration of Detroit's unique textures and vast urban landscape.

"The inspiration for this show was to showcase Detroit's strengths, struggles, and landscape. Overall the esthetic of my work is very similar to the city of Detroit. The repurposed nature of my art plays off of panels, wood and signs that once were proudly displayed, but over the years stopped serving their intended purpose and were thrown out. That is until I come across it and drag it back to my studio, where hopefully I'll be able breath a second life into the object.  This is how I see Detroit and all the people that are fighting tooth and nail to pull the city back to the greatness it once represented." Bask said putting the finishing touches on his latest body of work in Detroit's historic Eastern Market.

Known for his massive murals across the globe, over the top gallery installations and tireless work ethic, Bask's latest solo exhibition is his most ambitious to date. Created over countless late nights and early mornings over the summer Bask has assembled nearly 300 pieces of original artwork for Location, Location, Location.

With his latest hand-painted multiple series "Face Invaders" Bask provides his die-hard fans with a collection of 200 - 12x12 inch original works of art that embrace the iconic language he has developed over his 15-year career.

"I wanted to do something special to coincide with the show. So the idea came to mind to to make a series of pieces in sets that were all hand painted. No stencils or silkscreens. I just wanted to offer actual painted pieces that are affordable to anyone who wants it. From there I had the idea of bringing back some of the faces that have appeared in my past works along with characters that Detroit inspired me to create. There are over 500 hours in these between myself and my assistant. Each panel was painstaking worked over and my focus to was to make sure that each piece is a one of a kind." Bask said.

Along with these hand-painted multiples, the solo exhibition will feature a massive installation as well as new large scale work from the Florida based artist who himself once called Detroit home.

"I took the opportunity to move to Detroit fourteen years ago, but my stay lasted only 4 years. However, during that time the city had a profound impact on my work, as well as my consciousness towards social and political issues. It was this appreciation for the influence that Detroit has had on me that inspired the work I made for the show," Bask said.

Recently, Bask's work was personally selected by Robert Downey Jr. and was featured in the blockbuster Iron Man 3 with Bask's artwork featured throughout the movie and lining the lair of the movie's villain Mandarin. In addition Bask has been commissioned Evan Longoria, Death Cab For Cutie, Primus, the estates of Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG, Art Basel Miami, MTV, Vans and Red Bull among many others.


"Bask's dedication and work ethic is second to none and we've been honored to watch his work evolve into an internationally recognized talent. We couldn't be more excited to present his most ambitious show to date," Inner State gallery co-owner Jesse Cory said.

Please join us at from 7-10pm for an artist welcoming reception and opening night.

Inner State Gallery
1410 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, MI. 48207

About Bask:
Bask has been working as a professional artist for 15 years. His work has been featured in countless books and publications. His work has also been personally selected by Robert Downey Jr. to be featured in Iron Man 3 and commissioned by the likes of, Evan Longoria, Pow Wow Hawaii, Tampa Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, Death Cab For Cutie, Primus, the estates of Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG, Ride Snowboards, Art Basel Miami, MTV, Vans and Red Bull. Bask's work has also been viewed around the world in solo exhibitions and group exhibits.

About Inner State:
Inner State Gallery is Detroit's premier art gallery for both established and emerging artists, both locally and internationally. Located in Eastern Market, the 1800 square foot gallery is home to two exhibition spaces, an artist live/work space and the gallery's publishing company 1xRUN.

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