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Show Review: TORRES Opens for Garbage in Detroit

Words: Sue Static; Photos: Peter Schorn - 
Singer-songwriter TORRES made her Royal Oak debut opening the show for the alt-rock band Garbage on Monday, October 19 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. The Nashville musician is on a joint American tour with the Garbage to promote her second album “Sprinter” on indie label Partisan Records.

Fans of her music and people who arrived to the concert early were treated to TORRES short but powerful opening set. She walked onstage wearing black coveralls and duck boots with no intro or greeting and the band launched into the set with the song “Mother Earth, Father God” from her debut album. Her six-song set started out mellow and understated, but ended in a fury of sound with the song “Strange Hellos”.  

Her low alto voice was reminiscent of early Patti Smith and Johnette Napolitano at times and her humble stage demeanor definitely won the crowd over. When she announced how important opening these shows were to the band, she was met with a round of applause from the audience. Garbage later repaid the compliment stating how great it was to have TORRES share the stage with them and that big things were in store for her career and that “You saw her here first.” 

She performed songs off her two albums including a powerful rendition of “Sprinter” the title track off the new album. TORRES certainly gained new fans at this show and for those of you who missed it, it is your loss!

TORRES original music was a perfect match as an opener for Garbage. She invokes her music with a moody, edgy tone that captures the essence of the band's early work. It's no wonder the band selected her for this joint tour. She recently recorded a cover of the band's 1989 song “Special” in advance of the tour. You can check it out here.

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