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Artist Survival Seminar / With Rick Manore/ Oct 2nd/ Jazz Cafe

DOA & Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts present:
The Artist Survival Seminar
The Class They Don't Teach in Art School.
With Rick Manore & Guest Speaker artist, jaclyn Schanes

Saturday, October 2nd 2010
2PM to 5 PM
at the beautiful Jazz Cafe in Music Hall
350 downtown Detroit

Real world problems and solutions for emerging visual artists are addressed in this timely, 3 hour seminar geared toward Fine artists and the dynamic gallery relationship that can make or break an emerging artist's confidence, as well as exploding myths and uncovering many other trade secrets of the art business .There will also be a Q & A for attendees at the end of the seminar.

Helmed by Rick Manore , founder of the former renown Detroit Art Gallery, CPop, now a Public Relations Specialist and Artist Representative, along with special guest speaker, artist, Jaclyn Schanes. the Artist Survival Seminar is an intense, 3 hour , hands-on seminar that deals with the real world problems and pitfalls that all young  or emerging artists encounter in this highly competitive and dog-eat-dog world of art.

A cultural Anthropologist by training , and a gallerist by trade, Rick Manore draws from nearly 20 years experience in the representaion and promotion of commercial and fine art ,and 12 years of directing one of America's most influential artspaces, CPop Gallery.  Manore's legacy, is the artists who've worked with him -from the emerging, to the established , Manore's reputation is perennially award winning by being one step ahead of the rest of the pack. Local and world renown artists such as Niagara, Glenn Barr, Mark Dancey, Thomas Thewes Jr, Chris Dean, Tristan Eaton and guest speaker, Jaclyn Schanes  all were either discovered or enjoyed their first exhibit under Manore's guidance.
This session's guest speaker will be Jaclyn Schanes, who recently made national news with her edgy and innovative performance/exhibit, Show Pony, where patrons purchased her self portraits off her body, slowly revealing the naked artist underneath, discusses her approach and experience.

The Artist Survival Seminar will enhance and prepare the art school graduate's formal art studies with information and strategies and  that will help make the transistion from student to working artist , a much less traumatic experience.
Attendees will learn real solutions for seemingly insurmountable situations. How to get a good start right off the bat. How to approach galleries and how to submit your work-and be sure it's  reviewed. Also discussed is how to deal with the toughest of all aspects that an artist faces- rejection. Many "tricks of the trade" and strategies are discussed from the gallery/director's point of view, thereby arming the artist with knowledge and insight -from the other side.

Tickets are available at the door
$15.00    $10.00 (Student)

Call 313 887-8508 for more information

Artist Survival Seminar
Saturday, October 2nd  2PM- 5 PM
Jazz Cafe
350 Madison
Detroit, MI 48226