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FREE EP DOWNLOAD: Robin Goodfellow – Susannah, You See Beyond EP

TO: All
FROM: The desk of the Romantic Air Recording Company
DATE: Tuesday ~ September 28, 2010
RE: Robin Goodfellow – Susannah, You See Beyond EP

Clouds part and the stars come out.
Somewhere in a forgotten forest, creatures of unknown origin dance and dine.
They feast upon hearty board and a wash of dandelion wine.
A rhythmic decay of insect voices and woodland scurrying gives way to a near silent night.
With the seasoned crackle of burning timber,
the tribe eases into an untroubled and merry collective dream.
Not far off, but not too close,
the throaty call of an ancient predator breaks the silence.

For some minutes, reverberations of the distorted howl hang.
Echoes swirl, tripping through the tangled arms and legs of dream-state lovers.
Oh, how the wolf longs to become the chimera in the rainbow trance of the group.
But not tonight.
And so, without a host, the echoes rise into the night sky.

It is a new moon.
That final guardian of earthly sound and light is on leave
as songs of hope, loss and longing simply drift into space.
Into nothing.

Once, you wondered what would exist if the world did not.
But you couldn't really imagine that, could you?
So picture the smallest thing, perhaps the end of a record needle.
Of course, even the sharpest point has some volume.
But is it there or is it not?
This is the point at which Robin Goodfellow enters our world.
We sing their gentle harmonies as a mysterious woodland clan once did.
We ride their waves back and forth and back again in ritual tribute to relations long since passed. We gather beyond the moon as a symphony of synths burst into an infinitesimally small concussion of sound and noise.
Meanwhile, ancient signals expand further and deeper into space.
And as they reach the stars, what knowledge will be transmitted back in time?
Indeed, the stars do not lie to you.