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Terrible Twos - PJs LAger House Detroit - Tonight

Vintage Terrible Twos video from 2008

PJ's Lager House
1254 Michigan Ave
Corktown - Detroit

Thursday, 9/23

Strange Boys
Terrible Twos
Natural Child
Gentlemen Jesse & his Men
On The Strange Boys from Austin, TX "...There’s something very sixties and very Dylan-esque about The Strange Boys’ music. It might be the powerful harmonica...or the sense of urgency that hits on R&B-inspired title track “Be Brave,” or it could just be the commanding, croaky croon of lead singer Ryan Sambol himself. While Sambol’s ambling, off-kilter singing voice might seem couched in nostalgia, there’s an element of honesty and genuine appreciation that seeps through...electric organs, neat guitar melodies and a good balance between breezy and old-time, set off Sambol’s soulful voice. The band brings an intriguing, never pandering, blend of genres- from soul to blues to modern day indie rock-packaged as Texas blues." -
"The first act was the Terrible Twos. They came out fast and frenzied and hammered through a set. Although the keyboards sounded great, the remainder of the band sounded as if they had just received some news that a close friend had betrayed them, and rather than face legal repercussions for beating up said friend, they decided to release their aggression by savagely abusing their instruments"-some journalist guy, We couldn't say it better!
Natural Child wields a lumbering haze of low-speed cannabis-core steeped in '60s psychedelia. From amped up punky bouts of singable stoner pop, to simmering rumbles that sound like what things might have been if Black Sabbath hailed from sunny Tennessee instead of gloomy Birmingham (England, that is). "
Atlanta's Gentleman Jesse & His Men have found love in the rich, power-pop offerings of the 1970s. With an emphasis on pop more than say, power, Jesse & His Men re-imagine licks as dreamt up by the likes of Nick Lowe, the Modern Lovers, and the Nerves. But they aren't so much an update or study of 70s power-pop as a celebration of those sounds and all their jangling tentacles. While slightly less indebted to the punk kinetics of the Buzzcocks or Damned than the Exploding Hearts were, Smith and his bandmates still follow the same blueprint as the Hearts did so successfully and infectiously."