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Joan Of Arc


Joan Of Arc, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Joan Of Arc playing at the pike room
The Summer Pledge
Destroy This Place
A Great Big Pile of Leaves

I have a totally new appreciation when it comes to this band.
Joan of Arc blew me away. I mean all their songs from beginning to end were magnificent. And not only did all of them play their instruments better than I thought, I admired Tim Kinsella’s voice, and it being a part of the music. The vocals go along with what the band was playing. Tim’s amp went out for a second in the first song. But they played on. All I kept hearing was a mumble and then “shit!” out of Kinsella. He explained to the audience that he had his equipment looked at 3 different times within the 2 weeks he’s been on tour, and he suggested to the audience it was the ‘tuner’ on the amp. Then loud voices from the audience kept saying “fucking tuner, man!”,”That tuner!”,”tuner!” It didn’t take long for most of the audience to start gathering loud comments towards the band about the tuner.

I felt the drummer was the most impressive part of the band. The songs are technical as hell, and for someone to keep up with what Kinsella and the rest of the band play, that’s a lot to handle. I’d say the drummer was one of the best things about the show. The bassist and guitarist were easily watched as the notes that repeated in part of the song, you could watch as the guitarist picked with his fingers and the bassist just walking along with the song.

They ended the unannounced encore with “Let’s Wrestle”. Best song to end the set. Sad to see them leave so soon.

This will not be the last time I see them, I’d give it my best shot to see them every time they came to town. Because it’s worth the watch to see them play.

JOA just released their new album "Life Like" and they played most of the songs from that album live, it was better hearing it first live than listening to it just on the album. Now I can appreciate hearing the album more since I heard the songs live right off the bat. Check out this album!