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RAW Festival features Detroit-area artists over 3 unique nights at Park Bar Detroit 8/24/25/26


The focus of this first annual RAW Festival is to showcase a wide variety of Detroit artistic talent and inspire others to
produce more artistic projects in Detroit. The festival consists of 3 nights, each featuring different types of live performances,
music and visual art by Detroit-area artists.
The nights are divided into Storytelling, Impact and Exploration.
The inspiration for the RAW Festival came from wanting to make sure that the passion for the arts that Kyle Holton
exhibited and inspired in us lives on. Kyle was a young Detroit-area theater artist and founder of art4artillary Theater
Company whose young life was lost this past January. In that spirit we will be donating all of the proceeds to the Kyle
Holton Memorial Theatre Scholarship Fund at Wayne State University to fund young Detroit artists.
RAW Festival brings a variety of artists together to be visible to each other as collaborators and to audiences as the diverse
creative forces Detroit has to offer. Each of the 3 nights challenges the performers to produce their work as individuals and
as an ensemble and the audience to engage with it in different ways.
About the Festival:
Storytelling: Wednesday, August 24th 8:00-10:00pm / 10:30pm TBA Bands
A night dedicated to storytelling in various forms. Juline Jordan, radio personality
and community activist, will be hosting a variety of short performances including
songs from a new rock opera, poetry reading, stand-up, monologues, and any other
types of storytelling.
Impact: Thursday, August 25th 8:00-10:00pm / 10:30pm TBA Bands
Nothing is as it seems on this night of fresh original works. An ensemble of actors
will perform three new plays by various Extra Mile Playwrights members. Theatre is
stripped to its core, with minimal set, prop, costume and lighting as the ensemble
gets to the heart of the work.
Exploration: Friday, August 26th 8:00-10:00pm
11:00pm Glitter-Booty-Dance-Party
This night of exploration will be a series of pieces that are exactly 10 minutes long
that will be performed simultaneously in every nook and cranny of the space. The
pieces will be repeated through out the night so that the audience can explore the
space and experience each one in their own time.
Festival Dates: Wednesday, August 24th – Friday, August 26th 8:00pm at Park Bar in Detroit
Admission: $5 suggested donation that goes to the Kyle Holton Memorial Scholarship at WSU