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Show Review - 12th Planet-Flinch Magic Stick Feb. 17th 2012

(A Flinch moment from the show) 
Last Friday I caught the 12th Planet "The End Is Near Show" at the Magic Stick, and let me tell you, if the end was near I would have left our world with some good memories. The show was a late night affair that had local DJ Satta Don Dada opening while the always photogenic crowd piled in.
While the crowd danced a little before the main acts, it was when Flinch took the stage that the crowd really went crazy.
Flinch's set, which didn't start until midnight, was a frenzied attack of beats, samples and unmatched grooves. 12th Planet's set started around 1:30am and his set was a memorable mix from his new ep, that you can (and should) download for free. The night didn't end until near 3am when the crown stumbled out on legs weary from dancing, sore eyes from the blinding sights, and bleeding eardrums from the pulsing sounds.  The 12th Planet tour isn't over yet and if your reading this with a chance to catch him, well you better buy those tix because the end is near!

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