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Free Tickets: Mitten Movie Project

Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak, MI - 7:30 p.m.
Pre-sale tickets $8 by e-mailing, Door $10

Send an email to for your chance to win a pair of tickets

The Mitten Movie Project is a monthly film festival dedicated to screening independent short films the first Tuesday of every month at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak. Presale tickets are available for $8 by e-mailing Tickets at the door are $10 (cash only). A pre-screening reception starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Main Art lobby where moviegoers can mingle with the directors, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts. After the screening, a Q&A session will be conducted with the filmmakers in the theatre. An afterglow party will be held at Mr. B’s (215 S. Main Street) -- walking distance from the Main Art Theatre -- to end the night’s activities. MMP-goers are welcome to vote for their favorite short for the Audience Choice Award (the winner will be brought back in December to compete for Short of the Year). The Audience Choice Award winner will be announced at the afterparty. To submit a film for consideration in the festival, visit for submission and technical guidelines. Submission is free. Screeners may be sent by DVD or online link. The Main Art Theatre is located at 118 N. Main Street, Royal Oak, Michigan.

FINAL LINEUP. Total running time: 1 hour, 38 minutes. In order of screening:

DETROIT GHOSTBUSTERS [fan video trailer] - Lil Dreamer Entertainment and Runn AMC (00:56) (Michigan) (in production) Everyone’s favorite paranormal investigation and elimination franchise comes to the motor city in the form of a slacker parapsychologist, a quirky cosplay enthusiast, and their inexperienced corporate liaison. Starring Kimberly Howard, Terence Cover and Mike Kammer. Directed by Kimberly Howard.

A GRAIN OF SAND [narrative trailer] – Legend of the Hawk Productions in assoc. with Flynn Worldwide Productions (04:13) (Michigan) (2013) A hilarious romp, interrupted romance, mixed up backpacks, and bumbling mobsters add up to a saga filled with twists, unending surprises, and laughter. This feature length comedy stars Samantha Avery, Alex Bozinovic, Rocco Guirlanda, Greg Walter, and Andrew David Romano. Written and directed by Michael Sneed.

POST.SCRIPT [narrative trailer] – ZeroBudget Productions (01:07) (Michigan) (2012) Riley comes home from a business trip to find himself the recipient of several anonymous messages. The mystery unfolds as he searches for the sender in this modern thriller. Starring Tyler Besh. Directed by Kyle Minch.

STEPS [narrative] - Control Alt Delete (04:56) (Michigan) (2012) A man returns home to an unsympathetic family to make amends with his ailing mother. Starring Dave Latkowski, Marina Savic, Mike Rutkofske, Maxwell Skelly, and Dano Alexander. Directed by Andy Blockno. Written by Dano Alexander. Edited by Jeff Latkowski.

"GUILTY PLEASURE" by Ajax Stacks x Nych G. [music video] – Whiskey Neat Productions (04:19) (Georgia) (2012) From the album, Heartaches & Hangovers. Directed by Michigan filmmaker, Kevin Budzynski.,,

HEARTIFACTS [narrative] – KALM Productions (09:42) (Michigan) (2012) The controllers of love have a new recruit. How will she fair with the tasks ahead? Starring Nick Gnagi and Alex Scratch. Written and directed by Keith Leigh-Monstevens.

A BAND CALLED CATL [documentary] – ELD Films (15:00) (Toronto) (2012) A short, gritty and intimate look into the quirky, introverted minds behind a Toronto west-end rhythm and blues party band. Director Jonathan Lawley delivers a retro feel throwback to old 16mm that embodies the band's artistry through intimate interviews, kitchen jam sessions, and live performances.,

RUB THAT LAMP [narrative] - Directed by Ken Kuykendall (03:06) (California) (2012) A redneck discovers a genie lamp and is granted three wishes -- anything he desires! Starring Dave Landau. Co-written by Martin Butler. Music by David Gazdowicz. WARNING: Strong language not suitable for children.

ANIMAL CONTROL [narrative] – Directed by David Allen (09:15) (Michigan) (2012) A city under siege, terrorized by vicious animals, and scared to go outside and play. These are the stories of the men and women who courageously put their lives in danger to fight animals terrorizing neighborhoods.

FEAR [animation] - Electric Otto’s Funk Factory (00:53) (Michigan) (2012) Free roll of toilet paper with the viewing of this film.

SHADOW OF ETERNITY [narrative] - Matthew Weaver Productions (17:35) (Michigan) (2012) Lost in an abyss with no memory of how he got there or who he is, a young man begins to piece together interlocking memories to understand his enigma. Starring Patrick Shields. Music by Adam Schumaker. Written and directed by Matthew Weaver.

PHANTOM HOLIDAY [PSA] – Second Class Citizen and Lightcraft Entertainment (02:22) (Michigan) (2009) From the makers of "Purple Heart's Final Beat" comes a heartbreaking look into the life of a non-custodial parent celebrating the birthday of a child long since gone. Story by Terence Popp. Written and directed by Blake O. Kleiner.,

RED RISING [fan video] – Planetarium Pictures (03:51) (Michigan) (2012) It's been five years since the last alien invasion. The Rangers have since split up and now live normal lives . . . until today when they receive a familiar call about unidentified beings set to strike earth in less than 48 hours. The Red Ranger, on his way to the HQ, discovers a few street thugs up to no good and decides to get warmed up after his hiatus. But nothing can prepare him for what's heading his way. Directed by Shawn Shaman.

H00KED [documentary] – First to Last Productions (10:01) (Michigan) (2012) In the style of the popular television show “Intervention,” a documentary crew follows Tim, a young man with a strange addiction. Starring Billy Hinbern. Cinematography by Charles W. Brandt. Written by Gavin Bates. Directed by Jeremy Olstyn.

BLACK OPS ARABESQUE [narrative] – Directed by Jared Drake (05:18) (California) (2010) A secret service agent with a secret of his own (hint -- ballet shoes!). Starring Nathaniel Eyde.

"SIRENS" by Passalacqua [music video] - (04:49) (Michigan) (2012) From the album, Zebehazy Summer. Conceived, directed, and edited by Colin Duerr. Costumes and sets by Colin Duerr. Shot entirely in Detroit. WARNING: Partial nudity.,