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CRISTIN RICHARD “METABOLISM” launches this Friday September 25th at DDF




The launch of her experiential design series at The Detroit Design Festival September 25th, 2015, 6-10pm
 5001 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, MI
(Formerly The Kunsthalle)

Detroit Native, Cristin Richard is in the movement of artists whose work is related to the body and identity. Her work examines the human condition and the fact that the body is physically and mentally determined in this condition. It is the window of our relation to the world. She transcribes her own personal story through impulses to existential questions.

Particularly interested in the manipulation of organic matter, these materials build a dialog of what it feels like to be human. The human being is like nature, it transforms and regenerates in poetic and unpredictable ways. In the majority of her work, she reconstructs animal intestines into tangible objects. Playing on the ambiguity created by the presence of this material, she develops metaphors loaded with complexities.

For the 2015 Detroit Design Festival, Cristin Richard has chosen to present her latest work, "Metabolism", an experiential design piece, situated in one of Detroit's historical bank buildings, built in 1927. The architecture is an integral element of the work, and this 2015 DDF event will mark the first chapter of a series of one night exhibits that will take place within this particular space. Three chapters, in total, will complete her story.

Cristin Richard seizes her own fantasies and contradictions by bringing the conscious sense to the viewer, pushing them to use their own intuition. With "Metabolism", she draws a metaphor of the passage of time and where we stand as individuals in space, trying to escape inner turmoil.

"Metabolism" is an intimate one night experience, utilizing performance, installation and film. In addition, Cristin Richard will present collaborative works: music composed by Nate Czarling and accessories by Simone Else. Housed within one of Detroit's architectural gems, Cristin Richard puts forth works that oscillate between fragility and violence, between beauty and repulsion, between opacity and transparency and also between strength and lightness. It explores our relationship between the body, the external spaces we occupy, relative to the most intimate fragments of the mind.