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MCB ROAD TRIP: Apostacon 2015 in Dallas, Texas!

Your humble friend and not-a-reporter, DC in Detroit, is bookin' out to (the greater) Dallas (area) to touch noodly appendages with her favorite kinds of reprobates and heathens at the 2015 Apostacon, not to mention the great love of her life, Teller (and Penn, I guess). Watch this space for a full write-up when she's back in her home time zone and has worked off some of those extra carbs.

Before then, send any questions, comments, or room share requests to her at at gmail dot com.

Exercise Your Noodle And "Meat" New Friends!
Atheists | Humanists | Agnostics | Skeptics | Apostates | Freethinkers | Rationalists | Pastafarians

September 18th - 20th at the DFW Marriott!