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PHOTOS: The Orb at The Magic Bag 9/26/15

MCB was there to enjoy two blissed-out hours of The Orb at The Magic Bag in Ferndale! 

Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann are on tour in support of Moonbuilding 2703 AD, released earlier this summer.

Old schoolers were prominent in the crowd, but overall it was truly a mixed audience of all ages and backgrounds, true to The Orb's multi-faceted appeal. After an approaching 3-decade existence, it was awesome to still see new die hard fans in the making.

Local DJ Justin Weiss warmed up the crowd with a nice variety of deep and downtempo records creating the perfect ambience to segue into The Orb.

Insane visuals accompanied the sound, creating a full sensory experience. A ride through space, dancing with jellyfish and probably-better-on-acid color forms commanded the journey.

Many raised their hands at times crying out in the euphoria; all were dancing.

Moonbuilding 2703 AD is out now!