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FREE CD: Winter Gloves' "Let Me Drive"

FREE CD to the 1st emailer who asks - cd IS GONE MAN!

Check out the EP's title track "Let Me Drive" here
Check out the band's cover of "Someone Great" (by LCD Soundsystem) here

Montreal’s fertile music scene has given birth to a brand new gem in the form of Winter Gloves, a band destined for success far beyond the native Canadian borders that first embraced it.

Named “Best New Artist of 2008” by iTunes Canada, the foursome are ready to descend upon the US with their keyboard-heavy, rhythmically-propulsive pop compositions. The guys will first introduce themselves with the three-song, digital-only Let Me Drive EP – which features early versions of several tracks from their forthcoming debut full-length, about a girl.

The quartet, who endearingly dub themselves “glock-rock” for their use of the oft-ignored glockenspiel, began as the solo project of Charles F. (lead singer/songwriter/wurlitzer). Charles created the early Winter Gloves recordings that make up Let Me Drive EP in his own home using a single microphone. The project soon evolved into a four-piece ensemble that also includes Pat Sayers (drums), Vincent Chalifour (synth), and Jean-Michel Pigeon (guitar/glockenspiel).

Let Me Drive EP explodes right out of the gates with the title track. The song doesn’t waste a second in getting bodies on the dancefloor with frenzied drums and infectious keys. Soon, angular guitars stab and ominous synth lines hum while Charles wails with a plea for control, singing “I thought you were ultimately right / I know you’re not / Come on just let me drive.” On “I Can’t Tell You,” his voice alternates from carrying a touch of gritty seasoning to shifting into elegant falsetto. Closing track “Piano 4 Hands” ends the EP with a warm, inviting wurlitzer melody and Charles lets out ghostly coos in between his seductive verses. This trio of songs serve as a mere appetizer for the forthcoming main course, about a girl, on which the band expands its scope and unleashes some of its best melodies.

Winter Gloves has also recorded a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “Someone Great” – boiling down the epic dance track into a compact two minutes that highlight the song’s most memorable bits.

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