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SMITTEN BY DETROIT - Tues Dec 23rd 2008

The newest addition to the MCB crew is Anna Hergot
AH will be providing "Smitten by Detroit" for your reading pleasure whenever the hell she feels like it. - Enjoy!

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Tuesday December 23rd 2008

Kinetic Stereokids @ P.J’s Lager House 12.16.08

This is overDue: to the blizzard that pounded the city the last week, amongst other time consuming endeavors, ahem, work and finals for instance, I haven't been able to write this out till now. Sorry all. --- Now, here we go...

Lately, I've been on this listening trend of indulging in "slow-to chaotic- back to slow" musically arranged bands. Music and bands that are dubbed, "epic", "melodic", "ambient" or reign an atmosphere of haunting melodies and hint toward apocalyptic times. Said such examples of bands would be: God is an Astronaut, The Mercury Program, Boards of Canada, Mogwai, Godspeed you Emperor!, Explosions in the Sky and music produced by John Murphy.

So what does these dynamic sounding bands have to do with seeing the Kinetic StereoKids last Tuesday night at P.J's Lager House in Detroit? yes, what is the fucking correlation you ask...

I came and saw what I assumed to be another independent post-rock, experimental band but I was left with a flabbergasted, "DEER IN HEADLIGHTS" stare, mind fucked euphoria, numbness which can only be attributed to the fact, that yes, I felt a significant musical experience that night. Like Greek scholar Archimedes; reportedly proclaimed, "Eureka!" after discovering volume displacement; I too felt after listening to Kinetic StereoKids live I made my own little victorious discovery and more so, a resonating deep appreciation for their musical cause. AND THAT, my friends, is why I'm on this musical tangent of bands mentioned above. To sustain and enhance that musical glow of hearing the Kinetic Stereokids.

I've been writing this disarranged entry with the KSK's song, "cold and tired" on repeat on my iPod. This song permeates significance because last Tuesday when the snowstorm loomed over Detroit only a 2/5 members made it in for the show. Even so, with absent band members the quality and performance wasn't hindered in anyway. With the accomplice of co-member Lisa providing subtle percussion sounds with the morracas, singer, guitarist Justin and guitarist Matt proceeded to tailor out an intimate KSK set on the stage of P.J's Lager House.

There was only a handful or so of people watching from the crowd, due to the impending snowstorm outside, but even so the atmosphere was fulfilling and cozy. Justin, with his genuine and lulling voice and Matt with his captivating, repetitive guitar riffs serenaded the crowd into a "bedtime story" hypnotic mood. Remember those MTV unplugged acoustic set series on television back in the 90's?

Yeah, it was kinda like that. I was tempted at one point to bundle up and trek to my car to get out a blanket so I could sit more comfortably on the floor near the stage and look up at the band in my childlike curiosity.

Near the end of the set a member from the band, Teedo, that played just as magnificently before KSK, came over and said he felt KSK sounded a bit like the minimalist band "Low". I'd shook my head in "yes" couldn't agree more. KSK brought something true and honest to the stage that night while snowflakes dropped softly among this ruined city. KSK brought beauty and light. It was a tremendously delightful night!

Excerpts from an interview at the Lager House bar with Lisa, Justin and Matt from KSK for Anna's own personal blog as well as a collaboration for :

Lisa Semerad: Back-up vocals, percusssion
Matthew Wolverton: Guitar, Bass, Syth
Justin Ford: Vocals, Samples, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Snacks

(?? lol, yes! the sound of masticating Cheetos!)
Members not in attendance:
2 playing footsie with the Abdominal Snowman (dave/tony)

MCB: So you guys started this band, when?

KSK: 1998

MCB: Give me three songs/albums/bands you're listening to in your life right now.

KSK:Justin: Who-Live @ Leeds
"Didn't I Blow your Mind?"-by: The Delfonics
Bruce Springsteen "Nebraska"
Matt: Godspeed You Black Emperor!
Bruce Springsteen "Nebraska" (followed suite with Justin)
Super Furry Animals

KSK: "What albums are you listening to now?"

MCB/me: "Anything by God is an Astronaut"

Justin: "God is an Ass?" (confusion)

me: (laughing) "could be, no no, God is an Astronaut"

MCB: "It's random but what shows do you miss most from Nickelodeon before it turned into this sit-com crap?"

KSK "Double Dare"!
"You Can't Do That on Television"
(at this point the interview derails, Justin makes reference to a house he burnt down at the age of 14, nights of driving back and forth from Grand Rapids, getting lost in St. John, MI)

KSK/Matt: (talks about smoking)"....Smoke all the time, I used to roll my own cigarettes-now just smoke camel lights-Hate the new blend, love the old blend from camel"

The interview turned into a discussion about board games and best albums of all time before KSK had to pack up and brave the cold temperatures back to Flint. As I accompanied them out to the parking lot a sudden urge to construct snow angels overcame us. This is what I leave you with. Everyone do a snow angel. Make your mark on the world. xoxo - Anna

Video of KSK found at my youtube page
Additional pictures found HERE

All random words/confusion/brain-farts and photography
expelled by: Anna Hergott

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