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FREE EP from Jonathon Visger "Trilobite Trash"

Mason Proper frontman Jon Visger is giving away a free digital EP called Trilobite Trash under his new solo alias, Bug Lung Baby. Visger, who performed and arranged all the music himself on the four-song set, uses this vehicle to delve further into experimental pop and electronic sounds. Taking inspiration from hip-hop production, he used looping, sampling, and chopping along with programmed beats on an MPC Pad to complement the live band elements. The EP is available now through RCRD LBL right HERE

Trilobite Trash

Trilobite Trash is the second solo EP Michigan-based Jonathan Visger has put out this year, and his first under the pseudonym Bug Lung Baby. He's also the vocalist and primary songwriter in Mason Proper, who finished and released their sleeper hit sophomore album Olly Oxen Free on Dovecote Records in September. He decided to release the new EP for free through RCRD LBL.

Why the new pseudonym "Bug Lung Baby?"

Jon explains:

"I think when people see somebody's normal, boring name as the title of the musician, they instantly think acoustic guitar, vocals, stripped down kind of coffee house stuff. My stuff doesn't sound anything like that. Plus I have a bad relationship with my name for some reason. Bug Lung Baby conjures up something much more tangible and interesting to me. I would want to know what that sounded like."

Why release this music for free when it is clearly worth sixteen million dollars?

"This EP is a Christmas present from me to you, and a thank you for listening. This last year I have had it reaffirmed to me why I do this. It's for the people out there to whom this music speaks, especially those of you who tell me so. It's about trying really hard to bring something new to the world, and finding people who are looking for that particular thing.

Moreso than ever before, I feel free to experiment and grow and really plumb the depths of what I can do, and that's because some of you have shown me you'll grow with me. I can make mistakes on the way. I don't have it all figured out. I'm not a master at this stuff, I'll always be a student. So thanks for helping to teach me."