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PHOTOS: MCB is DETROIT by Amy Palomar

MCB's Go to Gal - Amy Palomar tossed together a set of photos that pretty much is what MCB is all about - we cover tons of events...some dont make it to the site...some do - the point is we are there - not just talking about it - we are well past our 3,000th post on this site-some would say we post to much....we say we haven't posted enough!

there have been days/nights when we hit over 10 venues covering punk to porno to classical to country....whether its art music culture - we don't limit our scope to one slice of life....

This also is a good description of out diverse blend of contributors....hey!!


Amy Palomar covered many events last week (didnt include her paying photo gigs or personal city stomping) for MCB - The Mercury Rev /The Duke Spirit Show / CPOPportunity / Baar Bazaar / Magic Bowl / Ferndale Ice Festival