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ReViEw // CPOPor2nity
Words..Derek Ecker
Photos..Chelsea Schneider

"The second annual CPOPor2nity went off as expected at the C-POP Gallery in Detroit cultural district . Droves of art lovers came early and stayed late for the fantastic exhibition of art. A wide range of artistic styles and mediums were on display from fine art all the way to the abstract.

For those who aren’t in the know, c-pop is Detroit’s low-brow art gallery juggernaut which has hosted huge names such as Shag, Mark Ryden, Glenn Barr and Shepperd Fairy. For the second year in a row the art house behemoth has given new and up incoming artists a chance to receive a solo exhibit at the gallery. Doing most of its promoting via Myspace C-pop’s head honcho Tom Thewes was able to compile over 50 talented artists from around the world. The show had a submission fee of $125 which is a little steeper than most shows, but the artist are able to keep 90% of the sale instead of the typical 30%-50% gallery take on any given art sale. The most obvious perk of all landing a solo exhibition at a prestigious gallery like c-pop.

Some of you readers may feel that the artists are getting the short end of the deal. Well as an up incoming artist myself, trust me its well worth it. Being able to say you’ve had your work shown at a gallery which is known on an international scale is huge. Total bragging rights for an artist, especially if it’s you that gets selected for a solo show. I’m positive most emerging artist I know would at least part with a toe or two for the opportunity, so in retrospect $125 isn’t so bad.
Artist from the Cpopur2unity who stuck out to me where, Tony Roko the artist sense of color and attitude is amazing, Ruby Fig a definite natural, Josh Buckenberger who’s rich oil paintings and twisted taste for darkness and mystery is always apparent in his work. Honestly I encourage all who read this to trek their asses down to the gallery to see for themselves because the collection of work is to good miss.

After I walked out of the show I had this feeling over me. This compulsion to go back to art desk and wipe out some more paintings, step up my game up another notch or two. When ever that happens I know I’ve been to a good show. One of my favorite things about art is its ability to always be contagious, and its great to see such creative momentum like that in happening in the city of Detroit right now.

I only hope that Detroit’s art community keeps expanding and evolving. "

Derek Ecker is a recent CCS graduate and MCB contributor. He has put on many art shows in the past year including his most recent "One Man Show" currently on the walls of Cafe 1923 in Hamtramck (HATCH SHOW) -check this video interview from a previous show "WOOD to Your Mother" that MCB did covering his work.