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MCB travels to Columbus Ohio for EODM

MCB's MoneyPenny headed down to Columbus OH for Eagles of Death Metal on Wednesday - here is how it went:

Nice traveling weather, eh?

We are finally home and back to work. The show was fantastic and we had a great time. It was a VERY sold out venue and it was pretty big, like a Fillmore. Packed to the rafters...impressive.

Although the night was a lot of fun, we did not get access to the band like we had hoped. We got there early and weren't on the list. I called Louie (EODM Tour manager) and he sent someone to let us in within minutes and had them give us our MCB/EODM photo passes. I got to talk to him and Dave Catching for about two minutes during an opening act and then they disappeared to go prepare for the show. When the show started at first, I was right up front, snapping away. But the crowd got crazy really quick and they kicked all of the photographers out. Security's rules, no choice but to go all the way to one side or the other. All the other photogs just left but I took as many pictures as I could from the best spot I could find. My assistant took several shots because he is much taller and could get above the crowd and the sound equip. With the oversold/rowdy dude/bro crowd it was very difficult to get up close for shots without getting our heads ripped off. We got what we could.

Louie popped up during the show to ask us to come backstage after and hang out for our candid band photos, so I figured I would just make up for my lost photo opp then. But after the show, some asshole radio station had mobbed the place with dudes/bros (CDC 101).

I guess the band had hung out at their station all day and now a big gang of guys wanted into the party. Louie tried to get rid of them and told the crowd that only ladies were allowed, and the guys threw a hissy fit. So we all crammed into a little room to wait for the band, and Louie spent his time arguing with the people from this fucking radio station. None of the band was being told to come up while this mess was going on, and Jesse's girlfriend had shown up at this show.

So the band went back to the bus and never came back out (except for BOC, who came up to dance with the girls). We stood there for an hour or more feeling like assholes in a crowd of drugged-up teenage girls after Louie got rid of the radio jerks, but the party was over by then. We helped Louie carry his stuff back to the bus around 2am and we peeked inside but the band was behind closed doors and it was just crew partying with girls.

We couldn't even get in somewhere for last call at that point, so we packed it in for the night and went to bed.

Yesterday was a treacherous drive home and we witnessed many accidents, it was good to get back to the house. Not so much good to get back to work today...but reality is like that sometimes. I will go through my photos and send you the best of what I got tonight when I get home.

I really thought it would go down differently, but an EODM show is never a loss.

Cheers to you! Happy Friday!

"MoneyPenny IS DETROIT"
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