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Top 10 Lists from MCB

yeah right - get top 10 lists from us....
we dont do that here

BUT....we decided to provide a short list along with our New Years Day best wishes of some of the things that WE did here at MCB throughout 2008 that we thought were worth another look in case you missed them....the good the bad the ugly

2008 was a fairly amazing year for the staff of MCB with many milestones including a baby being born, broken bones, jailtime, car chases and crashes, lottery winnings and of course lots of press passes! What is the best thing about MCB? probably that we gave away the most free swag than anyone that we are aware of and plan to continue our mission of philanthropy in 2009. Another would be that we cover the most shows without being an ass kisser.

What is the worst thing about MCB?
probably MCB itself if you can understand that one....
we need a new website/funding/new offices/replacement fluff girls

We have grown from 1 to over 20 contributors within this year and plan to move this website into the 19th century very soon. (we said that last year too)

Here are few things we thought were worth another look for whatever reason:

DEMF 2008 photostream
MCB had 4 press passes from Red Bull for MOVEMENT 2008 and we shot the hell out of the event with video & photos on and off stage but we thought this set from Lawrence Creative was seriously off the hook.

Art Battle 2008
If you missed the Art Battle 2008 at the beginning of the year you missed a great event that not only showcased local art talent in a contest for $1000 in prize money but at the same time gentrified a massive decaying space at the Russell Industrial Center. There was an electric feeling in the air that I hope returns for Art Battle 2009 coming in April (MOTORCITYBLOG sponsered of course)

Looking back - this event was the catalyst to bringing on new contributors to MCB and we tend to talk about Art Battle at least once a week.

Concert of Colors 2008 w/Don Was
MCB was the only non-ACCESS entity provided photographic and video privledges for CoC2008. Although some in town thought the "lineup was boring" it shouldn't always be about how great or not the bands are for an event. Our advice - step outside your little circle and take in something that may not be your bag....the point to the CoC is diversity and not just specifically the music itself.

MCB's Amy Palomar with Paul Hitz in tow shot photos/video of the entire CoC2008 and met up with Don Was at the "private recording session" with Sudan United for Peace over at Rustbelt Studios. My Damn Channel is running tons of footage of the event as well.

Least Attended Show of 2008
MCB's Paul Hitz said he has never been to show in Detroit where NOBODY showed up and thats just what happened to the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre in mid-June 2008 at Lager House Detroit. Now there are probably other bands this has happened to so before you go busting balls remember we were in the middle of a snow storm that night as well as a national holiday/aliens landing/ TSUNAMIs off the Detroit River whatever..check the photos and we always get good feedback from the winners of JCM music giveaways.

We woke up on Dec 1st and decided to celebrate 4 years of Anti-Blogging with FREE VINYL WEEK ON MOTORCITYBLOG by giving awayy at least 1 piece of vinyl every day all week and it turned into this insane non-stop barrage of local detroit 7" giveaways coupled with free rare new national releases and tickets and CDs- -whatever - look for this newly founded tradition next year around the same time - its fun!

Red Bull Air Race Detroit 2008
MCB had full on press passes for both sides of the river - our shots are second to none AND we interviewed a bunch of the pilots - the only thing we didnt get access to (including the super party on top of the RenCen at Coach Insignia) was a ride in one of those sweet planes!

We have done over 150 videos of various music /art / whatever - Video Interviews with some really cool new and old school artists from Detroit or touring through the motorcity....someone sent us an detarded email with this "...anyone can do what your doing if they want to sneak in a video camera to shows..."

Hey Dooshbag - we have never "snuck" a camera into a show and unless its some local band that could care less what we do we ALWAYS get full press pass for photos and/or video

We have shot video at Live Nation shows all year because we get in with the artists PRIOR to the show and hook it up square. Anyway - here are few to dig on or delete - the good the bad the ugly from local acts but we encourage you to check out some of the video history when you have a chance.
I have listed a few below from local events - skipped all of the touring bands we video interviewed and embedded 3 of my favorite videos
From The Stone House Bar we have Friends of Dennis Wilson and The Ruiners
and then my personal favorite of all time which has been continually voted down by everyone as the worst video ever posted to MCB - so be it!
(Blenny Stoofy (not a real name) at old Scrummage U // somehow the zoom, lighting and noise in the room made serious image capturing changes dynamically on the camera)

Lola Morales photostream
MCB was asked to come document the CD Release show for Lola Morales at the Magic Bag a few months back and MCB's Cherie Stangis came out with a stellar set of shots
Lola Morales is currently playing a series of gigs throughout China and we hope to have her back in the states really soon.

Girl Talk photostream
just check the photostream by Paul Hitz - enough said

Stefani & Stefani Video Interview
not sure what got into us on this day but we knew the mayor was going to get called out with charges for the text message scandal and we just decided to go over to the S&S offices to see if anyone would talk to us---little did we know that they would sit down and talk to us in depth about the most controversial legal battle in Detroit.

NicheJobs gives MCB domain name
We have all heard that phrase "random acts of kindness" right?
well we got one when an unfortunate set of random errors resulted in meeting up with the guy who runs the company who owned the domain name we wanted for years now shoots you over to MCB
He just gave it to us because he likes what we are doing....
you know what ??? We like what he is doing....Need a job?
Check out
MC5 40 Year Anniversary Show @ Crofoot
MCB's George Petersmarck snagged one of my favorite sets of the year on a press pass for the Ice Cube show in Mt Clemens Emerald Theatre
MCB's RiazK shoots everywhere and had this to say about the Back CC's show he covered for Savage Productions a few months back - "It was nice to see these guys bring it to town - they were drinking when I met up with them way before the show and didnt stop till the last drop...thats when they got on stage and let it! what a show!"

Flag Day 2008
MCB covered 10 events in 1 day - We can do that now with all our contributors no problem but Amy Palomar and myself spent 7 hours and a tank of gas running to hell and a handbasket from one place to the next....I am talking shooting video at the DSO (of the orchestra no less) to a book store event to 2 art galleries to Trumbullplex Theatre (I,Crime Interview) to MOCAD (new detroit music) to Lager House to Corktown Tavern to The Old Miami to Luna Lounge and back to Memphis was insane...we covered punk to porn to classical to country to industrial and all the art and anti-art in between.
No links for you...look up Flag Day and find all this in the archives.

Here is one "Best of" for you from MCB
There are all kinds of others to list but you know what - it takes to long go back and review MCB archives ...forget it and forget 2008 // its over. i will be adding to this post for the entire year...check back from time to time if you like
Big thanks to all of our make MCB even better with killer photos / professionalism / coolness
2009 will be awesome for us and you - just make it happen!
We already have press cred for the NAIAS 2009! YEAH!

All the Best in 2009 from the staff of MCB!

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