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Crobot Pumps out the Jams at The Fillmore

Last night while sipping on whiskey and lurking in the dark corners of The Fillmore, I witnessed an underrated band from Pennsylvania take myself and the audience back into a time of sex and excess. Warming the crowd up with Rick James' "Mary Jane", Crobot strolled on stage and said, "Detroit, ya'll ready to get down tonight?" From the first note from lead singer Brandon Yeagley, I fell.

Brandon Yeagley's voice was congered from another dimension. His powerful falsetto voice grabbed hold of each an every individual in The Fillmore. Headbanging while raising one arm to the heavens or waving it all over the audience as if casting a spell on us onlookers, it's obvious that the men of Crobot gained a few hundred new fans last night. The pit swelled with more and more people as their set continued, some even raising their lighters in the air. Yeagley is the male equivalent of what I think I look like singing Heart songs after too much whiskey.

"Detroit likes it dirty, right?" I do. I mean, we do. Yes, we do. In between belting out "Necromancer" and telling us "I don't think ya'll mind, but we're gonna play a devil song" and easing into "Le Mano De Lucifer", I booked the venue where Yeagley and myself are to be married.

Jake Figueroa on bass is a dream come true. Bobbing up and down through each jam, his curly ringlets shook with each note...each insanely delectably heavy note. His playing style easily reminded me of the unapologetic bass heavy riffs from Rage Against the Machine.

You know when your jam comes on on the radio and your fingers twist the knob like you twisted the nipple of that Tinder date from last weekend? Performing each song, it was as if Crobot was listening to their jam, jamming along, but for lack of a better word just killing it, murdering it. It was almost as if they wrote and perfected each song the night before and were eager to show it off to everyone.

 There is only one date left for Crobot on the Chevelle tour. But there are a couple more booked before 2014 comes to an end. Honestly, it's a mystery as to why they are not already on their own headlining tour.