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FREE VINYL FRIDAY: To the Bronx Bar and back....French rockers LAFAYETTE record new Dietroit inspired album and film video's in Motorcity ruins

We got a nice message from the band LAFAYETTE regarding the time they spent in town shooting the new video KEYS TO THE RIVIERA and after a few spins we convinced them to send us a phat stack of fresh vinyls to giveaway on MCB.

Check them out here and shoot them a like and keep your fingers crossed the gritty duo make is back over the pond for a local set of shows sooner than later.

Visit them here:

email for your chance to win a platter!

We asked Franck Hedin to give us a little insight to his time here in town 
and here is what we got:

We wrote the whole new LAFAYETTE album called TN MOTOR watching pictures and documentaries about Detroit.

​Nathalie and myself, we grew up musically between the Stooges and Motown...

​A year ago, a fter having recorded in Nashville for a week with The Alabama Shakes producer Andrija Tokic, we finally flew to Motorcity. 

The photographer and cinematographer Geoff Georges ( was our "fixer" for the 3 days. Our hotel was just above The Clique restaurant, great 

People ​we met​ at The Clique were amazed that we came all our way from Paris to Detroit!

We shot a first video in a rebuilt burnt house in Moran Street squats near Hamtramck. The guy in charge of the area, Harrison,  opened different houses for us. We shot a second video in his own place.

Third video "Keys To The Riviera" was shot at the Packard Plant:

We spent some good times at the Bronx Bar eating great burgers We drove through the city and the different districts. As fan of architecture we loved all those building signed by the best architects of the XXth century. We also had great emotions visiting Motown museum and the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

We've have been absolutely amazed and deeply moved by Detroit, its history, the beauty of this city and the kindne​ss​
of people we met. We are definitely planning to come back as soon as we can... 

Maybe for a gig to give back Detroit all the
energy and inspiration we took from it