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Thee Last Duendesday at The Loving Touch 12.10


10:00PM The Wrong Numbers 

I moved to Ferndale in 2010 from an east-side suburban Weirdsville that was filled with bars not venues and not much more to walk to than an ACO hardware or Jet's pizza. Ferndale's walkabout was exciting to say the least. Once I regulated my alcohol tolerance to remain stable throughout the entire evenings possibilities I was on a steady stroll place to place. I could grab a few $2 Black Labels at Sneakers, some fancy tacos at Imperial, an extraordinarily high APV brew from One-eyed Betty's and finish the night off with live local music. Once a month was a given. A Wednesday. A Duendesday.

"What is this?" someone asked genuinely on the events promotional page on Facebook. While making me laugh it made me think- what was it? A monthly showcase of four awesome bands to put it simply. It was free but accepted donations if one was willing to donate. It was a chance to see a great band you haven't seen yet. Also a chance for your band to be seen by who hasn't. It was an excuse to go out on a week day. It was drinks pouring inside and an enormous cloud of marijuana smoke outside. It. Was. Awesome.

This Wednesday marks the end of a great run of those Duendesdays. If you were there you knew what it was and felt at home. If you don't know what it was, well, you snooze you lose. OLE!