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This Saturday: FREE SHOW from The Mike Hard Show,HafLife,Plush Deathly at PJ's Lager House in Detroit for Santarchy

This Saturday (December 20) the annual Detroit Santarchy is taking part.
One of the stops will be a free show at PJ's Lager House featuring: 
The Mike Hard Show
Plush Deathly
Plush Deathly opens the show at 10 PM.
The Mike Hard Show will reunite ex-THRALL members Cliff Carinci (drums), Johnnie Johnson (bass), and Scott Kodrik(guitar) to make the evening even that more special.
This show is open to those not taking part in the Detroit Santarchy as well.
PJ's Lager House is Located at 1254 Michigan Avenue, Detroit MI 48226
(three blocks East of old Tiger Stadium and two blocks West of MGM Grand )