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Show Preview/Interview: MANIK, Grasshopper, Sat. Dec. 6

Electronic artist and DJ, MANIK is one of the East Coast's most established underground dance acts. MANIK can be heard on releases from seminal labels like Black Butter, Culprit, Nurvous Records, and Josh Wink's Ovum Recordings. Having played in over 40 different countries worldwide, MANIK has championed a unique production style, working to bridge his home town NY house’s grit with LA’s deep raw summer vibe. Currently on tour with a soon to be released EP “Far Away,” MANIK will be at the Grasshopper this Saturday providing his innovative spin on dance and musical expression.

MCB: Which came first creating music or DJing??
MANIK: Creating music. I started making stuff for a while and then I turned to mixing tracks for fun and basically had to keep that going to make a living- aka be on tour. I love both equally but in different ways.

MCB: How do you categorize the music you play/create as MANIK?
MANIK: I think what I do is my own definition of good music. What I DJ or make if what I think is dope. It's pretty simple.

MCB: Tell me about your upcoming release “Far Away”...
MANIK: It’s my first EP on Anjunadeep. They have really been into my music and have had my back. I am proud to be a part of the label and family. I am excited to keep the vibes alive.

MCB: The perception is DJs come in 2 camps - Personality DJs that make a show as much about their onstage antics as their music and Faceless DJs that hide behind their music. Do you fit in either camp?
MANIK: I would say I am bit more of a faceless chill DJ. My natural energy is to be thorough with my music selection and take my job serious- but not too seriously. I love what I do and I love to connect with the fans. I am just not one to jump up and down on stage.

MCB: Preferred DJ performance gear?
MANIK: I love the NI (Native Instruments) stuff with Traktor- like using the decks to control but the X1 to rock the loops and effects.

MCB: I really enjoy what I have heard from the Shadow Lanes project, how did that come about? Is there more to come?
MANIK: Thanks. Yeah me and my best friend hammer got together on music 2 summers ago in out Bushwick, BK studio and we basically had a load of amazing ideas and vibes and kept it going. Sea And Back is something we are really happy about.

MCB: Your tour has you playing in some of the biggest cities across the US, where does Detroit fit in with these?
MANIK: I love Detroit. It’s the home of techno and deep classic techy house vibes. Golf Clap runs their underground now and I am proud to be homies with Bryan and Hugh.

MCB: What makes being a musician/DJ worth it for you?
MANIK: What makes it worth it for me is the connection with the fans. I love to go on the road, play some jams, and vibe with my audience. It makes me feel at home. What’s even better is when they come up to you and talk to you about your music and how your original material helped them in some way. It’s crazy, and very surreal.