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Some Photos and a Word about The Crane Wives Show at Magic Stick 12/4/2014

Out on a Thursday night? Preposterous! - but Paul and I couldn't resist. The line up was too good. Woven Tangles and Oak Bones with The Accidentals and The Crane Wives. From the Magic Stick in Detroit we saw some of the best bands that call Michigan home.

Oak Bones started the night out. Brian Miller- who hosts a very talked about open mic in Ferndale at the New Way Bar, lead a boot-stomping hand-clapping set. It wasn't shockingly obvious they were missing a live drummer as the trio's acoustic guitars and vocals were rich in harmony and depth. The songs were energetic and fun. They got everyone's attention and participation warming the room for the rest of the acts planned that night.

Woven Tangles started from a point of absolute silence in a room filled with rhapsodic anticipation. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Holly, flashed a cheerful smile and they began. The songs were delicate and then complex- sophistifolk if I may be allowed to coin my own term- with a likeness to Fleetwood Mac. I'm very much looking forward to seeing this band again soon.

The Accidentals  by no accident at all, but with intention and ferocious fervent create a sensational spectacle to marvel at. It was hard to look away, nearly impossible to pull away from fixation to what we were seeing and hearing. With a consistent crowd roar the band changed instruments often and jammed pretty hard for a trio with violin and cello type instruments. They are young, talented and diligent, challenging the boundaries of their genre. Closing their set with a Pixies cover "Where is My Mind?" was fitting as everyone was most certainly impressed by a show of raucous applause.

The Crane Wives are already well upon their way to being Michigan's next band to break, or make it, or whatever the kids call it these days. Everywhere this band is, droves of people come out. It's feel good music, played really well- it's that simple.

Photos by Paul Hitz