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Night 2 of the Hamtramck Music Festival 2015

Night 2 of the Hamtramck Music Festival 2015 took place on Friday, March 6th.

Made Lo and Behold my first choice, and like last year, they were taking the schedule loosely.

On to Carbon, which I quickly vacated after seeing their drink specials and breathing the acrid air.

A bit of floundering caused by venue tardiness eventually brought me to Rock City Eatery, which was over capacity for Audra Kubat.

Casual Sweetheart at 7 Brothers got me into a good rhythm. As soon as one band ended at 7 Brothers I crossed the street to the PLAV where another band would just be starting. 7 Brothers started on the 30's, and the PLAV started on the 00's. The punctuality of both venues played off each other perfectly.

Rebel Kind started out strong and drew everyone in with their first song.

The Creepos played a lot of covers, but played them well. The highlight of the set was when they covered a song that The Detroit Cobras also covered while Steve Shaw, founder of the Cobras, was standing right in front of me.

The best act of the night was Prude Boys. The lead singer's voice has a warbling effect that I didn't expect I would like so much. I might have seen them for the first time last year if the Metro Times hadn't booked them at a far flung venue for the blowout.

I hit My Pal Val at 7 Brothers before crossing back again for Mexican Knives. Solid as always, and they nearly had the place packed.

MCB's (well, mine really) recommendation for tonight is to see The Witches at Capo at 11:30. Midnight is a bit harder to decide. Flip a coin and go to either The Hentchmen at the PLAV, or Lac La Belle at Rock City Eatery.

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