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Offworld Arcade

Offworld Arcade is a monthly event that allows people to play unlimited games on old classic arcades for just $5. First held at the old St. Vincent School building on 14th street in Corktown, just two blocks away from Michigan Central Station. The building is being slowly renovated and repurposed, and it's where the old games are normally stored. A place that has DIY vibe without the dust and smell of the Russell Industrial Center.

There a few games that everyone would recognize, like Donkey Kong, Ms. Pacman, Spy Hunter, and Robocop. Most of them however, are only familiar to the avid gamer. They all seem to predate 1990, so you won't find Street Fighter II, or anything with an attached holstered gun.

I first tried it out in December. Good turnout, but not crowded. Everyone was polite and didn't hog a machine. If someone else showed interest, a person that had been playing for a while would relinquish control. (Except maybe for Spy Hunter at times)

Then a lot of press coverage followed. Everyone at once wanted to talk about it. The decision was made to move all those games for one night to Checker Bar & Grill to accommodate the expected turnout in January. The place was packed. The unspoken courtesies were hard to find, and it seemed like it was all about being where everyone else wanted to be. Ruined by its own success?

February's night was at Checker again, but now some of the buzz had worn off. There was room to breathe, and the civility returned.

March's night will be this Saturday. Come out if you're feeling nostalgiac.

Offworld Arcade
Saturday, March 21st
at Checker Car & Grill