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TONIGHT- Spread Art hosts Wet/Dry Mix at Detroit Contemporary

Wet/Dry Mix IV- (a.k.a 'The Surrender Series') is a performance series that brings acoustic instrumentalists and electronic manipulators together for evenings of improvised sonic obscuration.

Sonic content generated by instrumentalists

Shaped into new forms by manipulators

Partial control of sonic transmissions surrendered by each party of such symbiosis

The fourth edition features performances by:

Sophie Tulip (Guitar)
Underglass (Electronics)

Jake Shadik (Tenor Sax)
A Death Cinematic (Electronics)

Matthew Daher (Percussion)
Dan Clark (aka 'hudpucker') (Electronics)

Kimberly Sutton (Cello)
Jaye Thomas (Electronics)

Doors at 8:30
$5 Suggested Donation

Curated by Matthew Daher

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