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Billy Cobham's Spectrum 40: Review and Photos

Photo by Mike Zaharof

Great music stays in focus long after its pioneers have faded into time.

The attendees of Billy Cobham's show on Saturday experienced the release of a seismic musical wave.  A harnessing of energy from four men who's collective talent defines the hard to nail down difference between excellent and truly divine.  The show started, people tuned in and then one by one gave up to the pleasure of letting the music wash over them.

The show was the 40th anniversary celebration of the groundbreaking 70's fusion album Spectrum, featuring Dean Brown, Gary Husband and Ric Fierabracci. This was definitely not just a tribute. In addition to a great show, seating in the Jazz Cafe was kept to round top tables.  So attendants were pulled out of regular comfort zones and seated with people they had never met. They were guests who were mixing at Billy's party, and seating was just another texture added to an already rich and enjoyable experience.

Last month saw the release of the Spectrum 40 Live 2 CD set.  Spectrum was the album that put Cobham way ahead of the pack in the 70's and the live release verifies he's still in the lead.
The inspiration for the Spectrum 40 show and the release of Spectrum 40 Live came  from a "germ of an idea" in late 2012, which Cobham says "had to do with organizing a band to revisit compositions from my first album."

From left to right.  Gary Husband (piano), Dean Brown (guitar), Billy Cobham (Drums) and Ric Fierabracci (bass)
The idea was put into motion and you can experience the result by picking up Spectrum 40 Live or to catch a performance check out Upcoming TOUR dates.

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Photo's by Mike Zaharof