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Three Buck Show featuring (3) brand new bands - Tin Foil, Primitiv Parts, Bonehead over at Corktown's Lager House this Thursday 4/16

Tin Foil, Primitiv Parts, Bonehead

Thursday, April 16  9PM

PJ's Lager House

1254 Michigan Ave., Detroit MI 48226



It's another tide of rock and roll debauchery in Detroit with three brand new bands!

Worth paying attention to because they all share some common strong points. The most pivotal being that each group has at least one leading member who has been banging their head against the wall, paying their dues and doing it again and again for nearly 10 years. Each achieving some recognition and winning over ears, while at the same time falling victim to the circumstances of bad situations, band members, et. al. Through it all they've not only grown musically, but not lost their hunger or their energy. Remaining elusive and unique, you can count on three pleasant surprises, fresh and alive. Treat yourself to some old fashioned sin and delinquency with three new bands for the low might-as-well-bite price of $3!

Tin Foil is a not very super group of familiar faces. Andrew Hecker (The Displays), and Steve Kowalski (The Reelers) share the majority of the songwriting and lead vocals.

While material is also contributed by Alex Lovat (The Q) and Joe Myers (The Vonneguts).

The Displays, the band Hecker started while 13 in 2006, haven't existed since 2011, and since then he has backed several groups, all of which being short lived. The Reelers have been playing around town tirelessly since 2008. Since then Kowalski has picked up a career as a sound engineer for the movie business, and in 2013 joined The Fertilizers, where he and Hecker first became musically associated. That summer they began recording and writing together. Alex Lovat has been an out-of-time relic of everything truly mod, and leading a flawless cover-band of 60's garage punk gems since 2009. He is also the current sound-man at Cliff Bells. In the fall of 2014, he and Hecker began jamming weeks before they moved into the infamous Hentch house, with the goal being to make it their "band house" where musical work would be done on a daily basis–in between partying and watching TV. Joe Myers has been playing in several groups with his current comrades in The Vonneguts since 2007. One of those comrades being the founding member of The Displays original brother band, The Smashed Windows. He lived in the band house for several months before moving around the block. Shortly during this time, Kowalski lived across the street.

Proto-punk, spot-on 60's garage tone, harmonies, late-70's power pop, underlying post-punk hints, heavy blues influence, 2 guitars occasionally alternating between lead and rhythm. I guess something in that general ballpark, I dunno. High-energy.

They will have a limited release cassette tape at the show, featuring rough mixes of some of the songs they're currently recording for their debut album.


Primitiv Parts is the latest brain-child of Robin Parent, who has led a number of projects with rotating characters (including The Revenants) since around 2006. As well as releasing a couple solo albums. The music is in a goth-y post-punk area.

The group originally featured 2 drummers, each playing minimal kits and standing up. Which is still sometimes utilized, though one of them has moved to bass. He is backed by a group of girls new to their instruments, but in the good punk rock way. Projecting a too-cool Poison Ivy type of vibe effortlessly, and probably unwittingly.

Full sound and depth, a well orchestrated minimal band with a personal style. Punk, excellent use of the musical thing; the "rest", and a tight rhythm section.

Some of you might remember them as the band who covered The Gun Club at last years Halloween Cover Show.


Bonehead is the continuing effort of nomad Alexandra Lee Lary. Abruptly leaving her home town of Austin, Texas at a young age to live shortly in several cities, wherein she backed several unsuccessful punk bands, all the while writing and recording her own material.

Those songs have been in development throughout the moves, until a few years ago, when Alex befriended Detroit native Terra Gillis in Lexington, KY; and the pair moved to or back to Detroit, and began working on music loosely together. The first incarnation of Bonehead with former collaborator Izzi Kombholtz from Cincinnati-based band The Put Ons, and in the studio for demo recording with Jerry Queen (Vacation, Tweens), being replaced by a more organic group with Terra, a co-worker on drums and a craigslist contact on bass.

Trashed attic pop, catchy poppy punk songs, smart lyrics disguised as dumb ones, shitty attitude and self-loathing honesty (song-titles such as "Pretend to Be Nice" and "Okay Song" or "My Boyfriend's Dead").