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FLING by D.H. Ruthenberg at Hatch Art Gallery April 28th

D.H. Ruthenberg
Hatch Art Gallery
3456 Evaline St. in Hamtramck

College for Creative Studies graduating Fine Arts senior D.H. Ruthenberg presents FLING, a thesis show. ONE NIGHT ONLY April 28th from 6-10pm

A formal sensibility covers all aspects of these pieces in how they relate
to each other visually via the isolation of objects and shapes. In the series
of photographic images Facade, the body is being looked at in an abstract way.
For example, in the image of the body with a gun, the body is not that different than the gun. The gun connotes violence, but here, is aesthetically derived as
a stylized object, shape and form. Embed utilizes steel wool pads—there is beauty in what’s utilitarian—relating to each other in a grid. The arrangement juxtaposes different shapes and colors, which in turn reference gender and create a Gestalt unique to the cast. In Flange, US Military helmets are formally arranged in a stylized manner that calls attention to the detailed forms.
In contrast to the previous series of images and objects, the charcoal drawing Fracture shows a single, isolated object.

Macintosh HD:Users:alicevschneider:Downloads:Hatch faceb small-2.jpg

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