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Offworld Arcade

Offworld Arcade has moved into the nineties with their games. They now have NBA Jam.

Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer were at the end of their careers when this game was made, so they're not given the skill ratings they would have had at the height of the Bad Boys period, but it's still awesome that they were included. The only bad thing is that the Player 2 button doesn't work on this machine, so you can't get the full two-on-two player action that it was built for.

NBA Jam didn't make me forget any of the older classics. Burger Time is too good to be forgotten.

Last month I wasn't the only appreciating this gem. There was always someone in the wings waiting for a chance to play it.

April's installment of Offworld Arcade is tomorrow night.
6:00pm - 2:00am
Checker Bar
124 Cadillac Square, Detroit, Michigan 48226
New Games:
Street Fighter II Champion Edition & Stargate