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Cinerama Festival at the Music Hall Detroit on April 12, 2015

Music Hall and Cinerama have a close history.As the best-selling Cinerama in the country, Music Hall was granted the premieres of many of the films. Our archives are filled with movie stars walking down the red carpet for these premieres. Cinerama was clearly the predecessor to the IMAX and this year,

Music Hall will pay homage as we re-create the Cinerama experience. With a specially installed wrap around screen, these 4 pictures were all filmed in the three-projector Cinerama process. The Cinerama Festival is a do not miss afternoon and evening’s worth of great nostalgic entertainment, on April 12th and will run from 3:00pm until 8:00pm.

The Cinerama Festival will revolve around the recent effort to transpose the 3 panel Cinerama presentations onto dvd and blue ray in the “Smile” format. This enables Music Hall to project onto a curved screen with the use of a LCD projector and re mastered Dolby soundtrack articulated by our modern sound system.

Titles include the 3 famous travelogues including Cinerama Holiday and Seven Wonders Of The World in which two American couples travel the world and we see it in the larger than life format which now makes it possible to see it in the way it was intended, and not with the very expensive and labor intensive 3 separate projectors, but through 21st Century digital technology.

This immersive and fun presentation will run from 3 PM until 8PM with these great Cinerama favorites: This is Cinerama I and II, Seven Wonders of the World  & Cinerama Holiday

Tickets :  $30 All Day Pass and available at Music Hall Box Office or and

Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts
350 Madison Avenue
Detroit, MI   48226a