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NEW ALBUM RELEASE: The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost by the Insane Clown Posse

Detroit's own The INSANE CLOWN POSSE just released a new album this past Tuesday entitled The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost.

This is one dark album. Easily disturbing to the general masses, but a gem to horrorcore fans abound.

 Lyrics from the song "Vomit"
"If the heavens above had rejected your soul
Never are you lost without a place to go
Deeper to the bottom of hell's eternal fire
You are always welcome to back and retire"

The Insane Clown Posse is not working with long time producer and writer Mike E. Clark on this one, instead Brian Kuma and James "Otis" Garcia (Axe Murder Boyz), Mike P (Zug Izland), DJ Paul (Three 6 Mafia)  and Michael "Seven" Summers have been brought in. This brought on changes both musically and lyrically. The usual comedy tainted lyrics are gone and instead you have lyrics that reflect faith and often large and dark issues in life. 

Lyrics from the song "Confederate Flag" 
"one, two, three rednecks on a ladder
Hangin' up a rebel flag
It don't matter how many of ya
Because we don't love ya
Stick you in the dirt, tombstone above ya
It's juggalos all over the south, that don't wave it
Better where they from but that flag, they hate it
'Cause they understand it's a symbol of slavery
One flag reps us all, it means bravery"

Track listing for the new album is as follows:
Confederate Flag
Falling Apart
I’ll Keep My Hatchet
Neighbors Are Fighting
You Should Know
I See The Devil

A companion for this album entitled Marvelous Missing Link: Found will be released three months from now on July 28, 2015 and is expected to be on the lighter side.