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After Jazz Jam Sessions - Jazz Cafe - Fri/Sat/Sun Aug 29/30/31st 10pm

Jazz Cafe at Music Hall presents:

The After Jazz Fest Jam Session(s)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 29, 30 & 31, at 10 PM and will be the
defacto Jazz hot spot to be, and play ,after the lights go down at The Detroit Jazz Fest. Musicians are encouraged to bop on over after the Jazz Fest closes on Friday through Saturday, and for a paltry $5, jam with fellow Jazz Fest performers as well as other local musicians for an
inspired late night of impromptu creativity.

Each night will have a designated musical ringleader:

Friday- R.J. Spangler
Saturday- Carl Cafagna
Sunday- Patrick Prouty

The After Jazz Fest Jam Sessions give jazz musicians of all genres an opportunity to play in the intimate art-deco atmosphere of Jazz Cafe at the Music Hall. All sets start at 10pm.

Non-musicians are also welcome.

Admission is $5

Phone 313 887 8532 or visit for more details.

After Jazz Fest Jam Session
August 29, 30, 31
$5 cover

Jazz Cafe at Music Hall
350 Madison Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226