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MOTORCITY Movie House @ RIC - Weekend Lineup

Miss the ol' drive-in theatres??? So do we!
Thats why we like to head on over to the MOTORCITY Movie House at The Russell Industrial Center for kick-ass super-scary mondo-cheesy Z-rated films that are shown in the parking lot of the pop your corn and get out the lawn chairs for this weekends hair raising classics.

"Hey - I have been hiding under a large rock and do not know what or where the RIC is?"
The Russell Industrial Center is located off I-75 and Clay Ave. in Detroit

MOTORCITY Movie House - Fri/Sat August 15th/16th 2008

Friday August 15th 2008
Drive In; Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules and Queen of the Amazons

Saturday August 16th 2008
Drive In: The Attack of the Giant Leeches and The Beast of Yucca Flats