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PHOTOS: Help for the Hopeless Tour by Cherie Stangis

August 19, 2008 - Innerpartysystem brought their unique blend of pop, electronic and punk to the Crofoot in Pontiac MI as a part of the Hope for the Hopeless Tour w/ Kill Hannah, Medic Droid and The White Tie Affair.

Cherie Stangis scored an exclusive interview with Jared Piccone, drummer and vocalist for the group plus nailed a nice set of photos for MCB

"With guitarist and synthesist Kris Barman supplying the concert goers with a rampant beat of pop and electronic mixes in the background, drummer Jared Piccone took a few minutes before their show talk the group. Hailing from Mohnton, PA (population approx. 2,000), innerpartysystem is comprised of Patrick Nissley (vocals), Jared Piccone (drums and vocals), Kris Barman (Guitar, Synth and Vocals) and Jesse Cronnan (Synth, Samples and Vocals).

According to Jared, he and Kris and Patrick and Jesse have friendships dating back to public school. They jammed with a variety of bands in the Mohton area before coming together and forming innerpartysystem. Down to earth and imminently likable, Jared shared what he believes to be the secret of innerpartysystem’s success, making music that inspires and excites their audience, while staying true to themselves.

The recording of their first EP, The Download EP took nearly two years. During most of that time, the group members lived in Jared’s home, a dwelling about the size of a one bedroom apartment. The Download EP was released in November of 2007 and the band began touring in early 2008, with a lengthy stint in the UK.

When asked about inspiration, Jared noted that lead singer Patrick Nissley writes most of lyrics for their songs and reported that they are “stories about things in his (Patrick’s) life.” Stories, said Jared, familiar to all the members of the group, due to their long standing relationships, “I’ll hear them and remember the event because I was there or heard about it.”

While admitting to laying down a “pop” sound in the studio, Jared revealed that their live performances tend to be edgy, aggressive and raw. After hearing them live, it’s easy to spot the “verse, chorus, verse” ode to pop and rock with a big nod to punk and electronica.

Awaiting the drop of their full length recording in September of 2008, Jared doesn’t see an end in sight to touring, at least until 2009 “I was told that most groups, after they drop their first album, are on the road for two years.” He looks forward to heading back to the UK because “we really took off there” to the point that they will be headlining their shows."

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