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FREE DOWNLOAD: Amie Miriello

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"I Came Around" available Sept. 2nd, 2008

**Amie covering Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Disarm’

***the focus of MCB for the most part is to provide info on local shows - things to do around town etc....we don't really do reviews (we leave that up to you to decide if a band sucks or an artist is great - are they any better/worse if someone writes a glowing or horrific review)

We like to pursue the elusive press pass for our photographers and video peeps

I could provide some additional insight but its sounding very bloggy so the point I am getting at here is we give away a bunch of freebies (probably more than any other website around town) and those relationships require a certain back scratching so....without any other explanation we offer up a few non-detroit related posts here or there so we can get more free tickets and CDs to give know...who cares - here is some free shit to check out from a hot chick with a great voice