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Thursday's View - James Rotz - 555 Gallery Detroit -

8/14/08 Thursday's View- James Rotz

555 Gallery
4884 Grand River Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48208
(313) 894-4202

First Floor Gallery
A photographer born and raised in Northwest Indiana, he has photographed the landscape of the region to depict the contrast of its industrial might and nature that remains in its midst.

Artist Statement:
Night is when reality comes across more directly without the distractions of normal everyday light and life. The peculiarities of an environment are highlighted and enhanced. At night under streetlights, an environment displays just how odd it is, and in the case of these photographs how inhumane man-made environments tend to be even though they were created with humans in mind.Northwest Indiana, often referred to as 'The Region,' is a conglomerate of fifteen or so cities where nature takes a backseat to what humans have created. Here nature is something you do or someplace you go - it is not something you live with. It is a huge area with very few natural boundaries and where concrete connects everything.
Upcoming Thursday Views:
Gallery Hours: Thursday 7-10pm, Saturday 12-6:00 pm, or by appointment.