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Dreamcruise Weekend 2008

2 of our photographers were hired by GM to cover the Dream Cruise this weekend with their mad photo skillz so expect a batch of killer car photos early next week....there are tons of great events happening along the woodward corridor - good music etc....but in general I usually steer clear of this whole scene every year....I love classic cars - own a 61 chrysler - and in general dig the event but I just dont have the patience to deal with the crowds so instead I will be hitting up other spots this weekend like the Flobots who are playing over at St. Andrews Hall cameras for this one - once in a while you have to just kick back and relax so we suggest you do the same - summer is in full swing so take it all in while you can and chill.
Our other MCB contributors will be all over this weekend
I'm in such a great mood today - so look for some posts later on with some freebies
(dont have anything yet but give me a few hours to bust some balls)