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Heading to MOVEMENT 2010 this holiday weekend?
Pick up a pair of Earlove to protect yourself

MCB peeps use EARLOVE exclusively

Here is what some of them had to say

MCB Concert/Live Event Reviewer
Fact is, I've never used earplugs before. Never. I mean, sure, I'vetried them now and then, usually as a last resort, and usually onlyfor a minute before I get so disgusted by not being able to HEARanything that I fling them across the room. I've learned to make dowith smiling and pretending I know what people are saying when theytalk to me at shows. When Kirk gave me the Earloves, we were in astupidly over-amplified small space, so I had to try them. Thedifference was huge. I'm used to wearing in-ear earphones, and I'mused to them not fitting very well. The Earloves fit my weird littleears just right, comfortably, and miraculously, I could actuallyunderstand what people were saying when they tried to talk to me. Thelittle case is in my bag full-time now, ready to show off to all thosefoam-rubber-wearing suckers.
Paul Hitz
MCB Senior Photographer
I used mine the other night at band practice and they worked great, took a little getting used to having something in my ears (still nothing between them) but the music made it through and I didn't have any ringing or anything after. these were -16dB, talking to a few people the -20dB would be best, I plan on bringing them to all my practices as well as MCB concerts i shoot, the little carrying case is perfect and fits in my pocketthe other night i covered Marco Polio and the New Vaccines and then live from Japan, the punk band Polysics, needless to say both bands pushed the limits on the dB level and quite honestly i dont know how anyone there could of heard anything afterwards, my ears were well protected with some EARLOVE and at one point i took one of them out just to see what it was like...that lasted about 1 second as i was quick to put it back in! thanks for saving my ears and in 40 years from now when i can still hear

yeaAAAay EarLove!!
Gene Schilling
MCB Senior Photographer
"As a concert photographer, I spend a lot of time next to a stage with large stacks of speakers shaking the fillings out of my teeth. Earlove earbuds are by far the best ear protection I've ever used. Very comfortable and a perfect fit, they get the job done."

MCB Austin/Detroit
"I have been using Earlove to avoid abusing my earsdrums for a few years now...
looking forward to picking up a pair at Movement 2010 as my preferred hearing protection.
Shane Glenn
MCB Senior Photographer
"My editor failed to get me a pair of Earlove prior to shooting Gogol Bordello last month and my hearing is just returning to normal after stuffing 2 ciggie butts in my ears. I have since been enjoying shooting from the pits with pleasure using Earlove every show and going home without the ringing in my ears.
These bad boys are comfortable too!!

Brett Lawrence
MCB Senior Photographer
As earplugs go these ones are OK...they seem to fit a bit better than most but I can't stand earplugs anyway so if because I have to wear something EARLOVE is what I use. Plus I do not lose them because they come on this funky neck band and have a carry case as well.