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Sweethead's Final Night of Residency at Spaceland

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*This should have been posted several days earlier, but I've been out with the flu and in with the drugs. I'm finally recovering and found enough strength to update. I've blocked the writer's block and cranked out this here review for y'all. Enjoy.

Last Monday, May 24th 2010, was Sweethead's final night of their month long residency at well as the night in which I've been dubbed with the nickname, "Fabulous Wreck" by close pals. Well earned and much deserved might I add. I bought a lens online - a specialty lens referred to as the "nifty fifty" lens with an aperture down to F/1.8 for dark lighting situations. I ordered it express shipping so it would arrive before Monday so I'd have it on time for the show for some bad ass shots. After much anticipation, the lens didn't arrive and I would have to do my best with a lens not fit for dark venues. Strike one.

With Sweethead headlining their final night last Monday, special guests included Joshua Homme and wife, Brody Dalle, Joey Castillo and girlfriend, Pixie Acia, Dave Catching, and many other members of the fruitfully talented family. Eagles of Death Metal were said to be closing out the night with a "secret" performance but that was definitely no secret and unfortunately they had to pull off the bill a few nights prior to the show. Dave Catching sent out a text message with the bad news, but I totally predicted it would happen. Reasons were not advertised, but let's just say Spaceland couldn't house the expected turnout once word got out they'd be playing. Other talent on the bill included Mini Mansions with the likes of Michael Shuman aka Mikey Shoes (Queens of the Stone Age, Jubilee) on drums, guitar, and vocals...altogether. Aside from not being bad on the eyes (at all), Mr. Shoes is a fabulous multi-tasking musician. I arrived to the venue after they had already started playing and just walked in right as they finished what I was told was an excellent version of "Heart of Glass" by Blondie. Damn. Strike two.

After their set, the great and legendary Alain Johannes (Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stone Age) graced the stage with his magical presence. His set was beautiful, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. He ended his solo set with "Making A Cross" which isn't stranger to you if you're into the Desert Sessions, particularly Volumes 7 & 8. The only other time I have heard this song live was at the Natasha Schneider Benefit concert in August, 2008, after she had lost her battle with cancer. It is one of the most beautifully written and performed songs I have ever heard and to watch Mr. Johannes perform it nearly two years after his wife's death almost brought tears to my eyes.

After Johannes, a new group of apples that didn't fall too far from the tree were Hello=Fire. This gathering is the solo project of Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather). Their line-up for the night called other members of Queens of the Stone Age for duty; Troy van Leeuwen (also in Sweethead) on keys and Joey Castillo (also in Eagles of Death Metal) on drums, and also Brendan Benson (The Racontuers), and Michael Horrigan (Twilight Singers) - a stiff musical cocktail served straight up . They embarked on their very first live performance and rocked the hell out of everyone in attendance. I just do not know how these insanely talented people can juggle so many side and solo projects and never fail to keep them so uniquely bad ass and intensively alive, but that answers itself; they're insanely talented people. I cannot wait for future Hello=Fire shows, and more appropriate photos to capture the next immensely awesome set we're already eagerly awaiting. I couldn't capture anything "worthy" to my standards of Troy or Joey for their first performance. Strike three.

There's nothing to say about Sweethead that hasn't been said before other than they totally had the crowd they deserved all four Monday nights on this night. The venue was JAM PACKED for their final Spaceland set for the month of May. By this time, I don't remember what they opened with, or what they played, but I know they did close with the "The Great Distruptors" as usual. My memory got, uh, "foggy" at this point...and even foggier after that. Kelli, you're fired.

My night ended with a run-in with the LAPD who are notorious for police brutality so like a smart person I complied with their bullshit, which I have to now later contest or start kicking rocks in the hot sun. I'm not sure how I find myself in these messes (they find me?) but I've been dubbed "Fabulous Wreck" and the name fits perfectly. It's my new alleged lifestyle in which I must accept. At least it's not boring.

PS, my "nifty fifty" lens arrived on Tuesday mourning along with the flu.

Peace, love, and punk rock,