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MCB PICK OF THE WEEK: Ken's Loud Band w/DEVILFISH - Smalls Hamtramck - Saturday May 15th

Ken's Loud Band is awesome
They played our MCB5 5 year Anniversary Concert in January and blew the doors off the place and after recording 400+ songs over 15 years KLB is actually putting out a CD
The CD Release show is this coming Saturday night at Small's Bar
and opening up will be another MCB favorite
Get to this show - its going to be a riot!

Then I found out his cousins are the legendary Bluegrass legends, The Stanley Brothers, and then the DNA thing seemed to explain it...but not totally, because Bluegrass is about the only thing that's not on display here. The touchstone is the 70's-the length and width of it, from Post-psychedelic to Glam to Punk and everything else that seemed to help shape Rock's greatest decade- add the post-ironic lyrics and Ken's Loud Band seems to be some great lost band that we all should have heard of, but somehow never were. Add to that, the decidedly artful lo-fi home recordings almost make it seem that these are really from some weird parallel Rock Universe.

The best songwriter in Detroit just might be your mailman.


Ken's Loud Band
New CD "Good For The Bones"
+ Special surprise guests

Saturday, May 15th

Smalls Bar
10339 Conant
(313) 873-1117

KEN STANLEY / KEN'S LOUD BAND FACT SHEET Born - 1957 (53)Lives - Lifelong Wyandotte resident- Spent summers with father's family in Virginia. Lineage - His cousins are the Bluegrass legends The Stanley Brothers Occupation- Postal Worker 32 yearsBands- The Blurbs & Only A Mother ( With Frank Pahl ) Dog & Pony Show & Ken's Loud BandInfluences- Bob Dylan, Ray Davies, Sex Pistols, Alex Chilton, Warren Zevon, Elvis Costello- you know, the songwriters songwritersSongs- Written over 350 and recorded over 200 songs over the last 18 yearsLives above Private Studio in Wyandotte Albums- " Stretching, Bending, Pouting and & Bouncing," (2000) Self Non-Release- to be remastered and Re-released in March 2010, "Orphans" ( 2007) and "Good For The Bones" May 2010. Re-Release of Dog & Pony Show's , "Asymmetrical Breakfast" from early 90'sContains "Three Heads In The Freezer" (The catchiest song about a serial killer ever) "Stigmata" ( The problems one encounters when involuntarily bleeding from the hands and feet)-Ken owns an Impressive art collection- Huge film fan ( French New Wave expert- Listen to Anna Karina Eyes") - Members of Ken's Loud Band - Doug Gourlay (Drums,Percussion--a legend!) Glenn Calley- (Guitar, Piano,Organ, Trumpet, Producer--Glenn shapes the sound- brother of Hugh Caley who trades the end lead guitar in "Lipstick" ) Sean Whitaker- Bass, French Horn, Jim Kiraly (Guitar) - Carolyn Striho Background vocals