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Digital Computer Go Scratch, New Work by Jackie Rines at Northend Studios

North End Studios in Detroit Present Recent Work
by Ceramic Artist Jackie Rines

Detroit artist Jackie Rines, 27, is presenting a new body of work in the third floor Gallery of North End Studios, 2937 E. Grand Boulevard, Detroit, though Jan. 1, 2012 (12 noon – 4 p.m. daily and by appointment.)

Entitled "Digital Computer Go Scratch," the show represents 15 months of new work by the artist, a Detroit native, who recently returned to Detroit after having residencies in New York City, Minneapolis and Richmond, VA.  

Rines, known for her humorous, over life-size work based in ceramic, has filled the gallery with work ranging in scale from 10' to 3".  Found ceramics have been  repurposed, and designer handbags have been knocked off in rhinestones and ceramic.

For those who want to know their fortune as New Year's approaches, a repurposed vintage 8-Ball, covered in gems, is present to give visitors a "Yes, Definitely" or a "My Sources Say No." A ceramic windmill stands motionless in the corner; massive ceramic strawberries litter the floor.

In viewing the work, the artist said, "The work is full of joy and outrageousness and all deals with contemporary aspects of materialism." 

"Although I have lived away from Detroit for 10 years, I decided to return to the city because it is a vibrant place for emerging artists.  Here at Northend Studios, I get to be part of a communal, creative environment, bustling with energy, events and a 'do it yourself attitude."

North End Studios is an artist-run studio project, founded in 2009. It became a Detroit landmark with the creation of Katherine Craig's seven-story blue mural on the side of the former storage facility. Northend Studios is dedicated to supporting artists through offering affordable studio spaces and exhibition opportunities.