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Free ticket Giveaway for Blues Control at Jumbo's Bar in Detroit on Friday, Sept. 7

Enter a ticket giveaway for Blues Control's show at Jumbo's Bar on Friday, Sept. 7. Email for a chance at the free tickets. The band's touring in support of their new album, Valley Tangents, which was released on Drag City in June.
Now located in Lehigh Valley, PA, Blues Control's Russ Waterhouse and Lea Cho conceived Valley Tangents, their first album for Drag City, far from the madding crowds that they’d previous swarmed with and composed among. Perhaps this is the reason for the more homegrown, natural feel of the music behind their signature Debussy via Guaraldi qua Bley qua Hornsby pianisms, and the playful juxtapositions of a full spectrum of rock colors: stadium, industrial, psych and prog (to name just a few). In 2009, after Blues Control's Local Flavor was released, Russ and Lea left Queens (their home of many years), and lived back east a bit, eventually finding themselves in a house in Coopersburg, PA. They recorded Valley Tangents here, and at Black Dirt (where many of their albums were recorded). As with each of their previous albums, Valley Tangents is a full (r)evolution ahead of what came before, at times an unrecognizable new blend of sounds to call Blues Control.