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FREE TICKETS: James Cameron’s AVATAR: The Exhibition - The Henry Ford Dearborn through 1/26/14

Start your new year off right by taking a dive deep into the the world of Pandora and the making of the movie Avatar. Email for your chance to win a tickets to James Cameron's Avatar: The Exhibition at The Henry Ford Museum Dearborn which runs through 1/26/14

James Cameron’s AVATAR: The Exhibition
Ends January 26, 2014
Your Pandora Adventure Awaits You at The Henry Ford
James Cameron’s "AVATAR: The Exhibition” takes you deep into the world of Pandora and the making of this extraordinary film. Here is your opportunity to fully explore Pandora’s Na’vi inhabitants, the groundbreaking technology that brought the blockbuster film to life, and the creative inspiration that fueled it all.

Visitors are immersed into AVATAR through interactive displays that allow you to:
  • Direct the three-dimensional orientation of a virtual camera and shoot a computer-rendered scene.
  • Perform on a virtual set that captures physical movements, and renders them real-time into a performance by a virtual character in a 3-D Pandoran environment
  • Interact with Touch tables to explore concept art used in creating AVATAR
  • Experience the Science of Bioluminescence used in AVATAR
  • Create your own plant life based on scientific/biological principles used in the film
  • Experience the intricacies of sound design for film in a simple, fun, and powerful way.
  • Personally experience being in the world of Pandora
Dive Deep into the world of Pandora to get the ultimate AVATAR experience- see AVATAR the Special Edition: an IMAX 3D Experience in the The Henry Ford IMAX Theatre.

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