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Shadow and Honey Show III

Shadow and Honey and Doorway Recordings present: Shadow Show III, Friday, February 7th.
$7 gets all ages welcomed into the doors and up the stairs to the Magic Stick in Detroit.

The Shadow shows offer a glimpse into the buzzing bands of the Detroit and surrounding areas.

Haunted House: Tranquil vocals and gelid guitars set atop mid tempo electro snare snaps and hi hat cracks. HH creates an inevitable body rock and head bobbing score of music to contemplate seasonal affective disorder, isolation and wistfulness. A much anticipated EP is available on bandcamp.

The Philter: Detroit's dynamic duo of surf guitar, coasting deep bass and industrial-ette percussion.

YUM: Singer Elise pipes sweetly snarled songs while throttling a dirt bike guitar growl of punk-blues. The duo is stunning crowds since forming in Bay City and playing throughout the many Metro Detroit venues.

Lost Boys: Male swaggering croon turnabout female elegant vibrato vocals over pixie's-esque bass and drums.